Caminhos de
Marcos Arruda

The Empire’s Hemispheric Agenda… and the Other Agenda

“MA – The HEMISPHERIC AGENDA is one the US is imposing on the rest of the continent. The Empire dons democratic garb and uses local henchman to conceal its tentacles. The Agenda includes “combating narcotics and terrorism”, perfect alibis for bringing the entire continent under its military and police control, to bolster its trade and financial domination. As we watch neoliberalism’s endeavours crumble all round the world, its ideologues are making headway in negotiating arenas like the WTO (World Trade Organization) and the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas). The agenda, in a word, is liberalization – and we must stand up to it. Equal rights for countries so profoundly disparate mean that inequalities will be perpetuated and the strong will dominate the weak. Trade cannot be “free” in a world increasingly in the grasp of monopolies and cartels, where more than half of international trade takes place within large corporations. Nor can there be cooperation, sharing and reciprocity where the rule of the game is to compete and to strive for maximum gains for an individual or country. What the ambassadress means to say is that “the dice have been cast” in Brazil. She says it even before the presidential election, as if she had already reached some agreement with each of the candidates to the Presidency of Brazil to ensure continuity! She may also be saying that whoever wins will be tied from the outset by commitments to be fulfilled regardless of any opposition stance. This is arrogance and hypocrisy without limit. What interests is the new government to serve, those of the Brazilian nation or of the United States? Whatever the scenario, it will be up to civil society to bring the utmost pressure to bear against the United States agenda and in favour of the Other Agenda!